3 different colors

The duit dryhouse is available in three different colors : warm gray, charcoal and navy.


Optional – How to comfort your dog more?

Take a “cotton cushion” to give your pets more comfort.

warm gray




Dryer 1ea / House 1 set

- Hygiene pad :1pc

- House fabric : 1pc

- connect socket : 8pcs

- pole : 12pcs


- the table main body : 1ea

- A feeding Tank

- bowl (selection of size S/M)

-Natural gel desiccant

-6V adapter

dryer instruction

house instruction

the table information

- Model name : TT-1000

- Power : 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 1.7W

- Food tank capacity: 3L

- Length of Adapter: 1.5m

- Net weight: 2.2kg (exclude package weight)

- Material : ABS

- Made in Korea

- Manufacturer : duit design lab


- Long Wooden leg

- Short Wooden leg

- Long Steel leg

- Short Steel leg


- 1 set of Food tank

- 1set of gel desiccant (6 pieces)

- bowl (S/M)

dryhouse information

Product Name: Hair Care Device (House type pet dryer)

Model name: DHG-1000

Rated voltage: 110V~220V, 60Hz

Power Consumption: 600W

Hose Weight: Approx 2.0kg (with frame)

Dryer Weight: about 3.0kg (with filter)

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 55 ℃

Running temperature range: 10 to 35 ° C

Power cord length: 1.5m

Country: Republic of Korea (excluding Fabric)


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