Fast And Ease to Clean

The duit dryhouse is equipped with a waterproof pad. 

Rinse the pad under running water.

Delicate concern for pets

Stable and secure thetable

Diversity of Leg Length : Safe and stable regardless of the length of the legs.

Using a “low gravity” design to improve a balance of weight.

No worries to your pets playing around thetable, it is designed to not fall over easily, preventing injury.

simple cleaning

duit dryhouse will make easy cleaning because hair will be gathered only within the house.

Peaceful meal time

Silicon holds the bowl tightly and keeps it from moving, 

your pets can enjoy and concentrate their meals.

Semipermanent filter

Wash and dry the filter once every 1-2 months.

This filter prevents pet’s hair and dust from entering the dryer.

* Filter made from Foampartner Company.

Designed  for you

Unlike air purifiers, air-inlet is located at the bottom of the dryer which prevent dust accumulating.

The size of the dryer is smaller than A4 paper which can be easily placed anywhere.

Durable and high quality  material

Made of light, harmless PVC material, which is mainly used in baby products, the house frame is a durable fabric which is not easily damaged even if your pets lean over and bite.

Easy to Assemble and disassemble

How to store and carry the dryhouse out?

You can easily disassemble and assemble the dryhouse for storage and carrying.

1.connect polls and sockets in sequence.

2.After connecting of polls and sockets,  please prepare fabric.

3. Open the lower side of zipper, gently put on the frame.

4. And then turn over the frame  and check out fabric is well located.

5. Close the lower side zipper

6. Turn over the frame and find out  balance of every parts.

highly durable fabric

1 denier means when 9,000m of thread is 1g, 2 denier means when 9,000m of thread is 2g. 

For fabric products that require high durability, such as military tents, 1600 denier fabrics are used. Surprisingly, the duit dryhouse uses 1,680 denier fabrics.

Due to its high durability, it can be used for a long time, even for pet wild play.

Waterproof coating makes cleaning easier.


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