fun dry

fun dry

Pets are not used to the blow-drying which is an unpleasant sensation to your pets.   It designated to reduce anxiety and stress of your pets by touching your pets through the openings on the top and sides of the dry house. 

Also, pets can lean on the house so you can dry their stomachs and hips meticulously.

Simple and perfect function

quick dry

Even with this low noise, over 30 minutes of drying time could be stressful for pets. duit dry house enable you to dry in short time using air flow of 58.90 CFM and the optimum temperature of 41 ~ 52 ℃.

short haired pet : Short haired spices for example : pug, bull dog, dachshund(short hair), mini pin, chihuahua, beagle, Munchkin, Bangal, Abyssinian, Scottish fold and Russian Blue

long haired pet : Due to long hair, their hair is easy to be tangled thus You should afford more time than short hair pet. For example : dachshund(long hair), Shichu, Spitz, Maltese, Bichon Frize, Poodle, Turkish Angora, Norwegian Forest, Persian, Ragdoll, Maine Coon

Professional Pet grooming at home

Drying with strong winds from the duit dryhouse make voluminous fur. Then, brush the pets’ fur easily. 

Since the hairs do not scatter everywhere, simply clean the dryhouse with a vacuum cleaner after drying.

The rich airflow that spreads all over the duit dry house can make pets’ hair more enriched by combing them. Also, the hair won’t be scattered anywhere, so it provides another extra benefit to reduce the burden of cleaning the house.

Smart table

duit the table provides features with graphic like the current time, 

the number of feeding set,Feeding history, status of the lock, 

lack of fed etc.

An appropriate amount

duit the table can be feed up to six times a day. 

It can be set from 1 to 7p(portion) per time.

*The space between the wings and the wings is 1 Portion.

*1p=Approx. 10g=Approx. 1/8 paper cups.

*Depending on the size and shape of the feed, the amount of one-time feeding may vary.

*Feed less than 14mm is suitable.

fun together

House size(50 x 50 x 50cm) can accommodate up to 

- 1 pet, no more than 10kg

- 2 pets, no more than 7kg

- 3 pets, no more than 3kg

Simple and easy manual feeder

the table with manual feeding function,

You can mix snacks and medicine into the feed and give extra 

meals to your pets for flexible feeding.

Smart the table

Real time


To prevent changes in initially setting,

REAL TIME CLOCK element was used to increase accuracy only for time operations.

Refill the feed 

when LED is on.

IR sensor will notify you in advance if the feed remains below 20%.

Did you know that the settings are initialized when the power is unplugged?

duit the table designed with 'SUPER CAPACITOR', which semi-permanently stores electric power. This saves the setting for up to 3 days without supplying electricity.


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