more safely

Non flammable”  PTC heater

PTC heater is a key element of duit dryhouse's heat generation using PTC semiconductors. It raises the temperature without burning the air, 

so it is mainly used in a confined place such as an aircraft. 

The temperature setting of duit dryhouse maintains the constant temperature to prevent the pet from suddenly getting cold due to a sudden drop in temperature. 

Best of all, it is safe from fire because the temperature rises in a non-flaming manner.

A new standard of hygiene

A perfect wash

Did you know that the feed bowl was ranked as the 4th most bacterial daily items by the NSF?

If you can’t wash it, it’s much more vulnerable to hygiene.

The patented “duit the table” feed container is easily separated by hand and easy to clean.

Even the feed path is washable.

*NSF : National Sanitation Foundation

2 Large Visible Opening

Are you worried about pet suffocation? 

duit dryhouse has wide visible netted openings on the front and top in order to reduce  pet stuffiness and the risk of suffocation. The spacious and visible net entrance provide your pet a sense of relief because your pets can see you.

Even it has such large entrances, duit high efficiency dryer helps to dry your pet’s  hair quickly.

Heat-resisting property

Safe ceramic vessels can be disinfected by heat and microwave-safe.

Heat resistance temperature : -20℃ to 1,000℃

Smart Tilt sensor

The duit dryhouse is equipped with a high-accurate 3-axis sensor which is used on smartphones.

If the dryer is tilted to 30°, the sensor immediately recognizes and automatically stops the heating system, and send LED and alarm signal to notify you. The cool wind blows out automatically for 30 seconds to cool down the heater.

Hygenic table

The shape of the table containing the bowl helps you to easily clean the feed powder that splashes during their meal

A Safety hook

A safety hook connects a dryer and a house and keeps it from falling off when it moves.

A Smart Safety Timer

You might forget that you have a pet in a dry house. 

Do not worry, the dryer will automatically shut down 30 minutes after starting.

Alarm  notification: LED lights and alarms sound once a minute three minutes before the end. 

Press the button for an additional 30 minutes.

Dual Temperature Controller

The temperature sensor and the thermostat of PTC heater prevents overheating and automatically shut down the dryer.

automatic air cooling system

It will automatically blow 30 seconds for cooling down heater after turning off the power.

KC electrical appliance
safety certification,
electromagnetic waves 
conformance certification

KC electrical appliance safety certification indicates not only product safety but also certify factory in terms of product manufacturing and assembly quality as well. 
Electromagnetic compatibility certification is a certification that affects harmful effects such as radio wave interference  to human body or any affection network service. 

- KC electrical appliance safety certification

: HD07362-17001A 

- Electromagnetic compatibility certification 


Coated net

The coated net allow pets and guardians to see each other, allowing pets can relax while drying. 

“Anti-jamming coating” technique helps to prevent the pets’ claws from stucking on net. 

The net is durable, unlikely to be easily damaged.


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