silent and simple

The most quietest dry

Your pet can hear sounds three to five times smaller than humans. Unfortunately, the average noise from our common dryers is over 90dB. 

It is very stressful for a pet to tolerate the harsh wind, loud sound of a dryer. The internal noise of duit dryhouse is below 54 dB,

the lowest among other pet dryers.

Check it out! Your pets can relax while drying in duit dryhouse.

A customized table that fits your pets

Adjustable table height

Different body types for different pets. 

But there was no ‘Automatic feeder’ that could adjust the height.

So duit suggests it first.

Don’t worry if your pets grow up.

Everything is ok if we change table legs.

High Tech drying system

The key to the low noise in the duit dryhouse is the scrolling air circulation structure using “Sirooco fans”. This structure is typically used for noise sensitive devices such as air purifiers.

It was possible to add heaters to this to make a low level of noise. 

The low-noise, wind-rich air circulation structure was a more expensive and demanding design than a general dryer, which representing a “duit choice” for comfortable drying of pets and you!

Easy to Use

Simply press and turn a button, all you have to do for drying. Our continuous testings and research have found optimal temperatures for pets drying, and we have developed a button for easy to use “duit dryhouse”. 


Now! Select one of the three different types of temperatures, natural / low / high temperature depending on your pets’ hair.

Various dishes depth 

A cat which likes shallow bowls because he doesn’t like to touch his whisker.

A dog that needs plenty of capacity.

Choose a bowl that fits your pets’ preferences.

It is made with a ceramic that is hygienic and smell  of feed doesn’t permeate.

S size depth : Approx. 3cm/ M size depth : Approx. 4cm / Internal diameter 12cm(S.M equivalent)

Large spread meal

Instead of Feed thrown into a wide and large bowl, 

A round, moderate-sized bowl helps feed gather in one place and supplies 

the feed neatly as if it is put in person.

intuitive UX
- Natural wind 
preparation for sensitive pet  
- Low temperature wind
(41℃ / ± 5℃)  preparation for sensitive pet / summer season short haired pet 
- High temperature wind
(52℃ / ± 5℃) winter season / long haired pet

Stable table

Don’t worry if the floor for the table is a little uneven. 

duit the table can be leveled by turning the legs.

A secure and comfortable mealtime.

If the table shakes and gets pushed back during our meals, 

we will be stressed out.  It is probably the same for pets


The silicone stoppers on the legs help keep the table from moving.


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