we are close all time but 
not in dry time

Bath and dry is the most difficult work when you raise pet. Pet bath is difficult but pet dry is even more difficult. As soon as they recognize dry sound, they will growl and reveal their teeth.  Even you take risk to get bitten when you dry them, you will be easily exhausted. Due to problem above, pet owner usually wash only their pet’s feet or just give up the bath after strolling. We have been good but why we have to suffer each other during drying?

5 time bigger pain

Your pet can hear sounds three to five times smaller than humans. Unfortunately, the average noise from our common dryers is over 90 dB. It is very stressful for a pet to tolerate the harsh wind, loud sound of a dryer. The internal noise of duit dryhouse is below 54 dB, the lowest among other pet dryers. 

Check it out! Your pets can relax while drying in duit dryhouse.

mutual comfort both you 
and your pet duit dryhouse 

duit dryhouse is a new concept item that allows your pet to dry their hair safely and quickly while relaxing in the house. Simply connect the dryer to the house, you are ready to dry. 

After bathing, give them a quick towel dry to remove the excess water, then just place them in the dryhouse to dry them completely.

the table

all in one house with dryer  

for companion pet

       Pet dryer 

Safe PTC heater

・ The lowest noise among   


・ Two levels of safety control

・ Simple control

      Pet house

・ Enough space for no more 

  than 10kg pet

・ Strong and non-toxic PVC


・ durable 1680 denier fabric


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