dry house

duit dryhouse is a new concept item that allows your pet to dry their hair safely and quickly while relaxing in the house. Simply connect the dryer to the house, you are ready to dry. 

After bathing , give them a quick towel dry to remove the excess water, then just place them in the dryhouse to dry them completely.

silent and simple

Simply press and turn a button, all you have to do for drying. Our continuous testings and research have found optimal temperatures for pets drying, and we have developed a button for easy to use “duit dry house”. 


Now! Select one of the three different types of temperatures, natural / low / high temperature depending on your pets’ hair.

fun dry

Pets are not used to the blow-drying which is an unpleasant sensation to your pets. 

It designated to reduce anxiety and stress of your pets by touching  your pets through the openings on the top and sides of the dry house. 

Also, pets can lean on the house so you can dry their stomachs and hips meticulously.

more safely

Are you worried about pet suffocation? 

duit dryhouse has wide  visible netted openings on the front and top in order to reduce pet stuffiness and the  risk of suffocation. The spacious and visible net entrance provide your pet a sense of relief because your pets can see you. Even it has such large entrances, duit high efficiency dryer helps to dry your pet’s hair quickly. 

easy maintenance

Unlike air purifiers, air-inlet is located at the bottom of the dryer which prevent dust accumulating. 

The size of the dryer is smaller than A4 paper which can be easily placed   anywhere.

the table

∙Automatic feeder that provides the right amount of feed at the right time.

∙Adjustable legs to fit their body shape.

∙Separable and washable feed tank without tools.

∙Two sizes ceramic vessels to suit your pets.

∙A sealed structure and natural gel desiccant which can help keep feed fresh.

∙A design which is harmonize with the interior.


A customized table that fits your pets.

Different body types for different pets. 

But there was no ‘Automatic feeder’ that could adjust the height.

So duit suggests it first.

Don’t worry if your pets grow up.

Everything is ok if we change table legs.

A new standard of hygiene.

Did you know that the feed bowl was ranked as the 4th most bacterial daily items by the NSF? If you can’t wash it, it’s much more vulnerable to hygiene.

The patented “duit the table” feed container is easily separated by hand and easy to clean. Even the feed path is washable.

*NSF : National Sanitation Foundation

simple and perfect function

duit the table provides features with graphic like the current time, 

the number of feeding set,Feeding history, status of the lock, 

lack of fed etc.


keep it fresh. always delicious.

For freshness of your pet’s meal, thetable is designed with a tight silicone sealing ring with a circular structure which is perfect for sealing, usually for an electric rice cooker.


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