3 different colors

The duit dryhouse is available in three different colors : warm gray, charcoal and navy.


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warm gray



simple and harmony

It might be nice if our products stood out the most, but it will make your home feel like a night time street with full of lurid neon signs and so make you feel on edge if 

all your home appliances are brilliantly colored.

duit's designs always aim to be simple and harmonious, 

like an old friend who you don’t get tired of seeing.

3 different colors

The duit water pot is available in three different colors : white, mint and pink.





Dryer 1ea / House 1 set

- Hygiene pad :1pc

- House fabric : 1pc

- connect socket : 8pcs

- pole : 12pcs


A waterpot product includes
- Water bowl : 1ea
- Clear water bowl : 1ea
- Multi holder : 1ea
- Cradle : 1ea
- Active Carbon Block Filter : 1ea
- Water pump : 1ea
- Prefilter : 1ea
- Water stopper : 1ea
- AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.35A free volt adopter : 1ea

*The product is assembled.

dryer instruction

house instruction

waterpot information

Model name: WPS – 1000

- Rated voltage : AC100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
- Power consumption : 5.5W
- Water bowl capacity : 1.7 ℓ
- Estimated electricity bill : 30 days 24hrs:  

   $0.19 (This value is based on Korean electricity charges)
- Weight : 1,220g (Without packaging)
- Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea

- Manufacturer : duit design lab.

dryhouse information

Product Name: Hair Care Device (House type pet dryer)

Model name: DHG-1000

Rated voltage: 110V~220V, 60Hz

Power Consumption: 600W

Hose Weight: Approx 2.0kg (with frame)

Dryer Weight: about 3.0kg (with filter)

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 55 ℃

Running temperature range: 10 to 35 ° C

Power cord length: 1.5m

Country: Republic of Korea (excluding Fabric)


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